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Peroneal Pain and Tendonitis

Peroneal pain is pain that is usually on the outside of the foot or ankle. Peroneal pain is most often caused by peroneal tendinopathy. The pain is caused by an increase in load through the tendons that causes inflammation and pain. The pain associated with tendonitis is because of changes within the tendons. Peroneal tendonitis is often linked with a lack of stregnth or control of the ankles, often this is caused by chronic ankle instability and is very often associated with ankle sprains. The peroneal muscles are used to absorb shock and protect the ankle when the ankle is at risk of spraining.

Peroneal tendonitis is one of the most common reasons that athletes attend TFC Podiatry. Assessment and diagnosis is usually done within the clinic chair with a thorough biomechanical assessment. This includes a thorough history, functional strength test, gait analysis and palpation exam.

Once diagnosed, peroneal tendonitis usually responds well to treatments within the Podiatry clinic. Treatments are usually based on risk factors or deficits that are identified during your assessment. Usually with mild to moderate cases of peroneal tendonitis we can treat the condition without requiring the athlete from pulling out of sport or exercise.

Check out the useful infographic below to help understand Peroneal tendonitis!


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