Plantar Fasciitis and Orthotics

Heel pain or Plantar Fasciitis is a frustrating condition that people often spend months or even years trying to treat. Seeing a professional that deals with foot pain regularly can improve outcomes and get you back on your feet sooner. In Podiatry, we look at prompt diagnosis as well as assessment which focus around finding your “risk factors” for the condition. A way of looking at these risk factors is to think of them as the root cause of the problem and the pain.

This assessment is completed in the clinic and is called a biomechanical assessment. As a summary of this assessment; it is designed to look at any abnormalities in your legs that are increasing the pressure or tension on a painful area. Usually the Podiatrist will watch you walk as well as assess the joints and muscles of your legs.

If any abnormalities are detected that are linked to the cause of your pain or are going to prevent your pain from healing.  These can be addressed and therefore pain can be relieved and function can improve. One way of correcting these biomechanical abnormalities can include custom foot orthotics. Custom foot orthotics are used for plantar fasciitis when they might help improve outcomes. By being able to design an orthotic to your individual foot and your individual needs. Orthotics tend to be tolerated better and can help fit into the treatment plan which will help you reach your goals.

This blog piece is written by Chris, you can book directly into Chris‘ diary here. Chris is currently working from the Yarraville clinic. Custom foot orthotics can be prescribed at Point Cook and Yarraville.


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