Podiatry Dry Needling in Point Cook, Yarraville

For all of your dry needling needs

In Point Cook – TFC Podiatry offers dry needling as a treatment for a variety of lower leg and foot pain conditions. Some great research and evidence exists on dry needling and the way it works, today we will answer a few frequently asked questions around dry needling.

Is it painful? – Dry needling itself is usually described as uncomfortable rather than painful and should be a relaxing experience.

Are the needles big? The needles we use are a diameter of 0.25mm wide, these needles are the same needles used in many acupuncture clinics. They are very small, thin needles!

So is it the same as acupunctureNo, the main difference between acupuncture and dry needling is the theory behind them. In dry needling needles are generally inserted into the muscle belly to get rid of a Myofascial Trigger Point.

How do I book in? All patients at TFC Podiatry are booked in for an initial appointment, you can book an appointment here and a comprehensive treatment plan will be implemented.

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