Here at TFC Podiatry, we strive to keep you on your feet. With our aim being to provide the best possible Podiatric care. Our Podiatrists ensure quality sports, general, rehabilitative, and acute injury management. Our Podiatrists will treat your family’s feet with knowledge and care using up-to-date diagnoses and best practice therapies. With early diagnosis and effective care, the Podiatrists at TFC Podiatry will ensure you the best chance of staying on your feet.


Podiatry in Point Cook and Yarraville

Do you suffer from foot, ankle, knee, or lower back pain? The Foot Clinic Point Cook and The Foot Clinic Yarraville, assess and manage musculoskeletal conditions using the most recent gait analysis technology. Our Podiatrists will manage fractures to soft tissue injuries using the latest evidence-based treatments.

Sports Podiatry has an inert focus on biomechanical assessment, definitive diagnosis, and prompt, proper treatment plans. On your initial visit, you should expect a full assessment, diagnosis, and understanding of the full treatment plan.

Our Podiatrists are highly qualified in the prescription of custom foot orthoses. At your initial appointment a full biomechanical assessment will be conducted to determine whether you may benefit from foot orthoses. These devices are used to correct functional discrepancies within the lower limb and foot posture that may be contributing to your lower back, hip, knee ankle or foot pain.

Three dimensional foot scanning technology, Prescription of custom foot orthosis, Orthotic therapy for all ages

Children and toddlers may suffer a range of foot conditions, which can carry on into adulthood. We perform thorough and specific lower limb assessments. We observe your child’s walking patterns, test range of motions and provide treatment for a range of Paediatric specific foot/lower limb pathologies.

It is important to maintain excellent foot health in the presence of Diabetes. Having Diabetes increases the risk of foot ulceration, infection, and ultimately amputation. It is extremely important for everyone with Diabetes to have an annual foot neurovascular assessment conducted by a Podiatrist. This will determine if any changes have occurred in the feet secondary to Diabetes.

We take pride in providing excellent care to your entire family. From the treatment of painful corns to callouses and warts. We also have a large amount of experience in performing ingrown toenail surgery. Our Podiatrists provide annual Diabetes foot assessments and ongoing Diabetes foot management.

  • Ingrown toe nail surgery
  • Corns
  • Callouses
  • Warts
  • Problematic nails
  • Fungal skin and nail infections
  • Ongoing nail and skin care
  • Dermatological advice
  • Cracked heels
  • Psoriasis
  • Onychomycosis
  • Tinea Pedis
NDIS Podiatry
NDIS Podiatry