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Here at The Foot Clinic, our friendly and supportive team of professionals, create a caring and welcoming environment for all of our patients. We are family ourselves and we therefore provide our patients with a devoted, long-term team, ensuring that we’re committed to the well-being of every one of you, just like we would our own. We make it our goal to provide the people and families we treat, with up-to-date care and treatments in a dignified, confidential, and caring environment.

Mr. Nathan Pring


B.HSc, Ma.PodPrac (LaTrobe University)

Nathan brings local experience having worked in the Point Cook area for a number of years. Nathan brings expertise in managing sports related foot, ankle and lower limb injuries. He is highly experienced undertaking nail surgeries and injection therapy. He has extensive clinical experience in this area.

Nathan has undertaken additional training and worked as an accredited personal trainer for several years. He is very experienced in the prescription of custom foot orthoses and understands how they can benefit in the rehabilitation/prevention of sporting injuries. With a 20 year history of playing cricket at a high level plus many other sports such as tennis, basketball, soccer and volleyball he brings excellent skills in sports injury rehabilitation.

Ms. Ashley Wevling


B.Podiatry (LaTrobe University)

Ashley has vast experience working within the western suburbs for over 8 years. She currently works as the senior clinician within a local public health organisation providing clinical support to a team of 6 Podiatrists. Ashley is experienced in all areas of Podiatry including Diabetes foot examinations, dermatological care and managing acute/chronic sporting injuries. She recently undertook a project on the implementation of dry needling for musculoskeletal injuries.

Ashley has a special interest and expertise in the treatment of Paediatric lower limb conditions. She attends regular professional development seminars on children’s Podiatry.

Mr. Christopher Wevling


B.HSc, Ma.PodPrac (LaTrobe University)

Chris brings experience from previously working as a Podiatrist in the acute hospital and community rehabilitation centre. Chris has a special interest in sports Podiatry. Chris plays netball regularly and loves strength training but his main love is running. Chris understands the importance of proper rehabilitation of tissues after an injury. He excels at improving athletes performance and decreasing the chances of further injuries and problems, this is through the understanding that pain is not always a reliable indicator of function.

Chris runs at multiple local events every year and is currently trying to run his first full marathon at Melbourne Marathon in October of 2019. Being a person who loves sport and running, Chris understands your need to get back to your sport quickly and at full function.