Review: Brooks Glycerin 16

Written by Christopher WevlingPodiatrist @ TFC Podiatry



The aim of the latest edition of Brooks “Glycerin” is to provide a neutral, cushioned running shoe. In reality we use “runners” for all sorts of activities, from walking, to bike riding, to sport.

Over two weeks, I have pushed my Glycerins to the limit. From 20km runs, to long bike rides, hikes and even a bit of basketball, these shoes have definitely been tested.

The Good:

  • Plush feel – The shoe feels good underfoot from the first day of use, with ample cushioning. Unlike many other pairs of running shoes, there was no wear-in period or blistering.
  • Light weight – The shoe feels light enough to run long distances in without fatiguing. At around 290g they sit at the light end of the range for a pair of such cushioned and supportive shoes
  • Stable – This is a big one for me, the firmness of the foam under the shoe means a nice and stable base of support for either your feet OR orthotics.

The Bad:

  • Strangely stretchy laces – The laces are more stretchy than I’ve ever dealt with meaning back and forth motion inside the shoes. Admittedly this is easy to fix with some new laces from any running store, so that shouldn’t put you off too much.

Overall the Brooks Glycerin 16 are hard to fault. A sturdy, cushioned shoe at a light enough weight. As mentioned, the only fault I found means you’ll have to buy yourself a decent pair of laces.

A great shoe for both everyday use and training, and they don’t look half bad for a pair of runners.




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