Running assessment and retraining

Running assessment and retraining

Are you interested in running for fitness? Or maybe you’re looking to improve your running, or hoping to increase the amount of running you are doing. Around 50% of all runners will develop an injury, and in many cases it can be due to poor running technique.

A good running technique is important for all people, from new runners all the way to elite athletes. The best technique varies from person to person. Fortunately, running assessment and retraining is an excellent option to help all runners. TFC Podiatry is able to assist in perfecting your technique and help you towards your fitness goals.

What is running retraining?

Running retraining is defined as the implementation of any cue or strategy to alter an individual’s running technique. In other words, it involves identifying and altering any movements that could be contributing to injury, and making changes in order to reduce stresses on the body that can be causing said injury.

When we are dealing with running injuries, we also need to consider factors outside of just your running technique. Muscle weakness, footwear, training intensity are just a few of these other factors that can contribute to running injuries.

What is the process of running retraining?

At TFC Podiatry, we believe that all patients and their injuries must be looked at holistically. This is especially true in the case of running injuries. Before any running retraining is considered, a full biomechanical assessment is performed. This assessment includes range of motion testing, muscle strength, functional testing, and posture assessment. Videos are also taken of your current running technique. This information gained from this is used to paint the bigger picture of how your body functions. This is necessary to identify and target treatment to any areas that might have restricted motion, or be lacking in the necessary strength for the desired running technique.

If you are experiencing any pain while running, you may benefit from a running assessment. Contact TFC Podiatry to schedule your running assessment today.

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