Running to Nowhere – Events Cancelled and Shifting Goals

With races and running events being cancelled in spades due to COVID-19 many people in Point Cook and Yarraville are wandering what to do with their current level of fitness. In Melbourne running season is about to start as the cooler weather comes through. Most athletes have been developing a strong aerobic and conditioning baseline over the past 3-4 months and are ready to race! But then Covid – 19 happened and everything was cancelled!

At the moment many people are still unsure of what to do, with uncertainty on when running events will be back on. People are still running around their local area, socially distancing themselves from others and still training hard! When it comes to planning for delayed running goals and race dates, your current goals should adjust in line with these dates.

Priorities should generally shift away from speed work to more long, easy runs and allowing your body to recover from injuries as much as possible. When focusing on long term running goals, injury rehabilitation should be one of the main focuses. This allows runners to start the next training schedule in a good physical state and the long slow runs will still keep a good portion of your aerobic fitness.

Building up your baseline mileage and dealing with your injuries should see a successful return to running when events are no available to train for. Dealing with injuries through the lockdown is still possible, TFC Podiatry offers both Telehealth appointments for the isolated and will also try to stay open to provide a level of care where possible and appropriate.


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