Podiatry Services in Avondale Heights, Point Cook and Yarraville

Welcome to TFC Podiatry, your one-stop destination for comprehensive foot care services. We understand the importance of finding a reliable podiatry clinic that can address all your foot-related concerns. Our Podiatrists ensure quality sports, general, rehabilitative, acute and chronic injury management.

At TFC Podiatry, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional care for you and your family’s feet. Our Podiatrists have a strong knowledge base and love for sports, biomechanics and helping with your foot pain. This means that our Podiatrists can help you with anything from a chronic wart to an ankle sprain and everything in between. Our podiatrists stay up to date with the latest diagnostic techniques and employ best-practice therapies to ensure accurate and effective treatment. By providing early diagnosis and tailored care, we aim to give you the best chance of maintaining your mobility and staying on your feet.

Our goal at TFC Podiatry is to help you reach your goals without being held back by your feet. In the clinic we have access to a full scope of treatment modalities to ensure you can access the gold standard of treatment for your condition without having to be sent to multiple locations or have extra appointments to deal with. To give you a glimpse of what you can expect from TFC Podiatry, we invite you to explore our wide range of services listed below. It’s worth noting that all of our services are available across all our clinics, ensuring convenience and accessibility for all our valued patients.

To ensure a seamless experience when accessing our clinic’s services, we prioritise simplicity. If you have a particular service in mind, we recommend scheduling an initial appointment. This way, we can thoroughly assess, diagnose, and address your condition with a comprehensive range of services. Don’t hesitate to discuss any queries about specific services with your Podiatrist during your visit. We’re here to assist you in every way possible.

Your appointment at TFC Podiatry begins with listening to your story

We want to know how your foot or ankle concerns impact your life and learn about your goals.