Gait and Running Assessments in Avondale Heights, Point Cook & Yarraville

Gait and running analysis is a core part of managing Podiatry related concerns, watching your feet in motion is an important part of the process to assist in the assessment, diagnosis and management of your foot concerns. Through assessing your movement our Podiatrists can often see which tissues may be overloaded and where problems are coming from. During a gait analysis, our aim is to identify any factors or risks that may contribute to injuries or pain. With a video gait analysis, we will assess your movements during your appointment and provide insight into which specific movements may be connected to your discomfort.

Running analysis is a similar process where your Podiatrist will get you to run on a treadmill and record your movements during running, this may look at similar things such as your foot posture but may also look at more specific running metrics like your running cadence, foot strike position and proximal movements for example your hip movements.

During these assessments, the results will then be used to help form a diagnosis and plan to manage the condition. This management plan can include things like, custom orthotics, footwear recommendations, gait retraining or advice, strength/ rehab work or manual therapy.

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