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Sports injury to the legs and feet can be frustrating for many people, unfortunately in most cases they can prevent you from enjoying the sports and physical fitness activities you love to take time out of your day to participate in.The appropriate assessment and management of musculoskeletal conditions should effectively be implemented by experienced professionals with the use of modern gait analysis technology. The effective treatment of sports injuries, including those ranging from soft tissue injuries to fractures, should be considered using the latest evidence based treatments. You can get in touch with your friendly, local podiatrist today to enquire about this treatment option for you.

Sports podiatry is a focus that centres on the treatment of the lower limbs. Pain or injury in the knees, ankles, legs and feet should be seen to by an expert who is able to identify potential risks and abnormalities before they develop into a more serious problem. You can express your concerns to your local podiatrist who will advise you of the next course of action that is of benefit to you. However, prevention is key to ensuring you can carry out your day to day tasks happy and pain free.

There are things to consider when trying to prevent injury, starting with your awareness of what to look for when it comes to identifying a sports injury.

The Different Types of Sport Injury to Feet, Legs and Knees Can Include:

How To Stay Injury Free:

While modern sport injury rehabilitation is a positive and effective practice, we can all agree we’d rather not have to deal with any sports injuries at all. We can intervene in the decline of our muscular strength by working on a variety of movements and exercises that focus on endurance, weighted strength and activate many muscle groups at the same time. If you have any sports injury it is advised you speak to a trusted and experienced podiatrist. This is to ensure you are given the necessary advice and recommendations tailored to your lifestyle about how you can decrease your individual chances of sports injury.

Warm up before you begin:

Lightly stretch your foot and ankle area prior to beginning any exercise. You may also like to start gently moving your feet or begin a slow jog to activate the muscles.

Invest in appropriate athletic shoes:

Finding the right athletic shoe for you is important as it will provide the specific support that you need. For example you may have low arches, in this case you may be advised to wear shoes that offer support under the arch of the foot as well as the front of the shoe.

Replace your shoes:

It is recommended that you replace your shoes regularly to ensure you are still being given the appropriate support. When the tread pattern wears away or the heels become worn down, it is generally time to find new footwear.

Stay hydrated:

Staying hydrated is a simple way to prevent injuries. Water contributes to the healthy functioning of muscles, joints and blood vessels. Low hydration levels can cause muscle fatigue and coordination loss, both of which can lead to injuries.

Listen to your body:

If you feel pain during exercise, it a sign to stop or take a break. It is important to listen to your body as pain is its warning signal that something is wrong. Always consult your reliable podiatrist about any concerns you have or unfamiliar pain you experience,

How The Foot Clinic Can Help:

The Foot Clinic proudly advise and make well received recommendations to a range of regular, as well as new clients, on their sports injury rehabilitation each day. Our sports podiatry services are available at all practices in Point Cook and Yarraville and are undertaken by professional and caring podiatrists who want to see you back on your feet and pain free.


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