Expert Sports Podiatrist for Foot Injury

Here at TFC Podiatry at our sites in Yarraville and Point Cook we keep up to date with the latest treatments in sports podiatry including: Dry NeedlingFootwear Modification, latest in custom Orthotic Therapies and rehabilitation/exercise prescription.

Full biomechanical assessments are undertaken on all patients who present with lower limb injuries or complications. During examinations potential risk factors and contributing biomechanical abnormalities are identified then addressed with the latest in Podiatric therapies. Following these assessment our sports Podiatrists provide thorough explanations and education regarding results. Our approach allows patients to have a good understanding of the pathways to full resolution of foot pain/injuries.

Excessive or abnormal motion in the foot and ankle can lead to excessive motion throughout the whole body leading to higher injury rates and poor performance.


Here at TFC Podiatry, Our sports Podiatrists actively participate in sport helping us understand the frustration of lower limb pain and the associated decrease in performance. Our experience, knowledge on best care and evidence based treatments in sports podiatry ensures that you will get the highest level of treatment from our Podiatrists. Our Podiatrists have also undertaken extensive training in sports related therapies and rehabilitation.

As a group, our Podiatrists have experience with marathons, cycling, tennis, hockey, netball, snow sports, basketball, cricket and power lifting. With our sports Podiatrists having a competitive sporting nature, just like yourself, we can lend a sympathetic ear and understanding of sporting lower limb injuries.

If you would like a full assessment and a management plan set in place on any lower limb problems at a sports podiatry, feel free to contact us for an appointment.


At The Foot Clinic we like to provide you with as much knowledge as possible when it comes to your feet. This is why we have created a range of videos, to help keep you as well informed as possible about what we can do for you and the treatments that we provide.

Please check out our videos by clicking on the image to the right.

Sports Podiatrist Specialist Videos