Strength and Conditioning in Sport | Getting back on your Feet

With the physical requirements of athletes playing sports ever-increasing, so to has the importance of strength and conditioning, particularly during the preseason. While talent and skillset might put you in good stead to be competitive, increased fitness is what gives most athletes the upper edge over your opponents coming into the start of each season.

Each sport requires specific conditioning tailored to the requirements of their movements. For example, basketball and netball requires high intensity lateral movement and explosiveness. AFL requires high levels of both aerobic and anaerobic fitness.


Different types of fitness

  • Cardiovascular/aerobic fitness. Not only is this type of fitness extremely beneficial to have from a health perspective, but it also aids in getting you through full games and allows you to work harder for longer periods of time.
  • Anaerobic fitness. This type of conditioning is crucial for short, powerful bursts during games, such as sprinting or jumping.
  • Flexibility. Certain sports require an increased range of motion through specific joints within the body from both a functional perspective and injury prevention point of view.
  • Strength. In most contact sports strength helps you gain the upper edge in physical contests.
  • Balance/proprioception. The ability to keep your feet can help you stay in the contest in all sports.


How can we help you as Podiatrists?

At TFC Podiatry our Podiatrists have all competed individual and team sports, so we know the stress it puts on the body. But we also know the benefits and importance that sports has on your physical and mental health, and are dedicated to keeping the community active and on their feet as much as possible. Our number 1 goal for any clients who play sport is to return to sport at 100% in the earliest time frame as possible.


Our podiatrists specialize in designing foot and ankle rehab programs suited to each individual and the sport that they play. During consults we conduct a thorough investigation which includes subjective questioning, muscle testing, joint range of motion testing, footwear assessment and video gait analysis. After this process we will implement a program focusing on the following:

  • Foot and ankle injury rehabilitation
  • Lower limb injury prevention
  • Lower limb strengthening
  • Sports-specific exercise programs


Strength and conditioning is often combined with both soft tissue treatment and offloading techniques to have you returning to sport at 100% while at the same time reducing any potential risk factors. Our other in clinic treatment methods include:


With a multifaceted approach we aim to have you achieving your sporting goals with as little pain as possible. If you would like to book an appointment for an opinion feel free to book in with us online or call 8375 2062 (Point Cook) or 9191 0117 (Yarraville).


Your appointment at TFC Podiatry begins with listening to your story

We want to know how your foot or ankle concerns impact your life and learn about your goals.