Strength & Conditioning for Distance Runners

Strength and Conditioning is a vital part of distance running training.

Although, many don’t often consider distance runners as big and strong athletes, efficiency is important for distant running, and being light decreases the load on our feet and ankles.

Despite the perception of distance runners, strength work is integral to their success. Keeping muscles strong and race ready requires more work than just running. Strength work is super important when logging the huge distances of an elite runner. It is also a super important part of training, to prevent injuries and continue to reach running goals. 

When talking about conditioning for runners, there is conditioning by running and conditioning for running.

When you build up weekly or monthly running kilometres, you build up conditioning within your legs to protect from future injuries. However, this running entails a certain amount of load through the tissue and must be done very gradually. Conditioning for running is what you do outside of running to improve your muscle function and therefore prevent injuries.

Sports Podiatrists deal with foot and ankle injuries which are a big part of the injuries that occur in distance runners. Podiatrists use strength and conditioning work to help treat and prevent injuries as well as improve running performance.

Strength and conditioning work begins in the clinic, after comprehensive assessment of the patient. By completing a running assessment, a range of movement assessment as well as strength and mobility assessment for your foot and ankle, your Podiatrist will have a great understanding of the way your foot and ankle moves and where improvements can be made. 

Strength and conditioning at TFC Podiatry is completed initially in the clinic. With the prescribed exercises shown to the runner and explained to the runner. After the exercises are shown the patient will start to complete the exercises at home or at their gym. Where possible, our Podiatrist will send a video of the exercise prescribed via an app which will show you the exercise as prescribed to help give you the best chance of completing the exercise and prevent our runners from forgetting the exercise or completing it incorrectly. 

Strength and conditioning work is an important part of dealing with running related injuries at TFC Podiatry, this treatment is often complemented by treatments in the clinic as required.

These treatments include:

We use these treatments on our runners to help reduce pain, assist healing and allow ongoing training. This is important to to not loose conditioning or fitness.

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