Top 3 Running Injuries

The top 3 reasons that we see runners present with at TFC Podiatry in Point Cook and Yarraville are all due to overuse. As a patient at TFC Podiatry, we look at the risk factors for injury, as well as the best treatments based on your lifestyle and health.

See below for the most common reasons people come to see us at TFC Podiatry, and some information on how to treat, cure, and prevent.

  1. Heel pain. Check out this video on heel pain. At TFC Podiatry, the most common cause of heel pain that we see,  is either Achilles Tendonitis or Plantar Fasciitis. It is important to find the correct diagnosis, and while there are a plenitude of other conditions that can cause heel pain, Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis are TFC’s top two.
  2. Peroneal Tendonitis. Check out this video on peroneal tendonitis. The peroneal tendons function to protect the ankle during a sprain and also to absorb shock during walking and running. When these become painful, they can spasm and contract when they shouldn’t. Identifying and treating the cause is vital when it comes to peroneal tendonitis.
  3. Forefoot pain. Check out this video on Forefoot pain. When there is increased pressure underneath the outside of the forefoot, it is highly likely that pain will occur. Pain is too often mis-treated, not not treated at all in this area, sometimes leaving runners with “metatarsalgia” for months or even years. With the correct diagnosis, curing this condition is possible.

When it comes to treating running injuries, proper assessment, diagnosis, and risk factor identification should all happen and be customised into your treatment plan.

Stay tuned for more content about how Podiatrists can help runners.

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