Weak, Unstable Ankles. Why Does it Happen and How Can it be Treated?

Instability or weakness through the ankles is a common presentation to the Podiatry clinic. It is often associated with pain and an increased chance of ankle sprains. The most common cause of ankle instability and weakness are ankle sprains. When the ligaments and soft tissue strucutrures aon the outside of the ankle are damaged, it often leads to a feeling of instability and an increased chance of re-injury. This is often why when an athlete sprains an ankle once, they will continue to sprain that same ankle and have to resort to strapping or braces to help protect the joint. As well as the tissues being damaged from the sprains the co-ordination and control is often altered, this is often referred to as proprioception and you can read about proprioception here.

If you have weak or unstable ankles it is usually best to seek advice from a qualified professional, it is important to understand what structures are damaged and where improvements can be made. In most cases of pain associated with weak ankles, pain and function can be significantly improved with non surgical methods. These conservative treatments may include bracing, strapping, dry needling, stregnthening and co-ordination work as well as orthotic therapy and footwear changes.

At TFC Podiatry, full assessments around your weak ankles can be completed and a comprehensive treatment plan will be given to address your problems to get you to return to sport as soon and as safe as possible.

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