Werribee Mansion Run – Done and Dusted

Now that the dust has settled on the Werribee Mansion run yesterday, it’s time to reflect on the run and the day. With Nathan Pring and Christopher Wevling both competing yesterday in the 10Km and 21.1Km run’s respectively. It’s fair to say that it was a good day overall. with Nathan narrowly missing out on his goal time of 45 mins by just over 3 mins in the 10Km and with Chris smashing his goal time by 6 minutes to manage a 84 minute half marathon it was an overall successful day which also ended up being great fun!

To reflect on the results is a positive time for the Podiatrist’s at TFC Podiatry, with Nathan setting himself a challenge 12 weeks ago of being able to run for 10Km straight with no running experience and dealing with an Achilles injury at the same time, the result of finishing so close to his goal time with no pain is a great result! Nathan had a perfect lead up to the race including a great taper and was also able to train and rehab injuries very well. As is usually the case with someones first run, there ended up being a few extra injuries including some hip pain which ended up limiting the training over the last few weeks. Chris completed his 7th half marathon in 2 years and is now excited to start training for a full marathon on July 14th.

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