What are bunions and how can they be treated?

Your Point Cook Sports Podiatrist Talks About Bunions and Foot Pain

Bunions are a condition also called Hallux Abducto Valgus or HAV. This is a condition where the big toe migrates towards the smaller toes and the front of the foot becomes wider. Bunions present in a Podiatry clinic for a number of reasons, some of which Podiatrists can be very helpful for and some a referral may be made to a Surgical Specialist to assess the needs of surgery.

Reason for visit 1: Forefoot pain your Forefoot is the front of the foot, also known as the ball of the foot. Bunions or HAV change the way pressure is distributed underneath the bottom of the foot, generally, there is an increase in pressure underneath all of the toes except for the big toe and a decrease in pressure under the big toe. (You may notice this on your own feet if you have hard skin under the outside of the ball of your feet.)

Treatments for forefoot pain often include therapies that aim to redistribute pressures within the forefoot, Footwear prescription and orthotic therapies are the most common treatments in this regard.

Reason for visit 2: Footwear fitting. Bunions can significantly increase the width of the forefoot. Well fitting footwear is very important and usually avoids injuries and pain to the area however get’s more and more difficult as the front of the foot takes up more room.

Your Podiatrist can help by recommending shoe stores that sell wider shoes, however can not decrease the width of your foot.

Reason for visit 3: Bunion pain. Joints that are deviated like a bunion are an arthritic condition and as such present with similar achy painful sensations as do many arthritic joints. If the big toe joint is achy treatments can include excercise programs to stregnthen the area and orthotics can be used to either increase or decrease the range of motion of the joint depending on the severity of the arthopathy.

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