What are footbeds, orthotics and insoles? What are footbeds, orthotics and insoles used for?

Insoles, Footbeds and Orthotics.

Therapy using a foot shoes device such as an orthotic, footbed or innersole can be used for a variety of reasons. By changing mechanical loads and pressure distribution on the structures on the bottom of the foot, an orthotic can be a great part of a good treatment plan for an assortment of lower limb conditions.

By limiting the force that a structure must entail for the majority of steps throughout the day, Orthotic therapy can be a treatment plan that relies just a little bit less on your compliance as a patient. All tissues within the body have a certain tolerance to stress, this is different for all people and all tissues. Injuries happen when a tissue becomes to stressed, or overloaded. As a treatment, to de-load or de-stress these tissues is very difficult when it comes to the foot as they are being stressed and loaded with each step. Orthotics can be prescribed to destress tissues to a point that they can tolerate and hopefully in combination with a rehabilitation plan permanently cure foot and lower leg pain.

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