What are ingrown toenails?

Ingrown toenail surgery explained by a Podiatrist

There are different types of nail shapes, and some are more prone to becoming problematic than others. In some cases these problematic nails can be managed conservatively with regular Podiatry appointments.

The technical term for ingrown toenail surgery is known as a partial nail avulsion (PNA) or a total nail avulsion (TNA).

The most common causes of ingrown toenails are from trauma, nail involution (C shaped nails), fungal infection, picking nails, weight gain and poor toenail cutting techniques. If an ingrown toenail penetrates the skin it can develop a localised infection which may require antibiotics. This becomes difficult to treat until the infection has resolved.

The ingrown toenail surgical procedure is usually performed under local anaesthetic which means that the procedure is painless. This anaesthesia wears off after a short period of time (approximately 3 hours) and pain levels are usually minimal post-operatively. In most cases, the patient can wear normal footwear and return to normal activities within a week.

Once the toe has been blocked (made numb) the problematic nail edge is removed along with the nail root. An acid known is then applied to the nail root which prevents the problematic portion of the nail from growing back.

This is a very straightforward procedure that usually takes no longer than 60mins. At TFC Podiatry Point Cook and Yarraville all of our Podiatrists are well trained in partial nail avulsion and total nail avulsion surgeries and have vast experience in their undertaking these (with over 100 procedures having been performed).

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