What are Orthotics?

Orthotics in Point Cook

Orthotics are a relatively common therapy in our Podiatry clinic In Point Cook, a comprehensive Podiatry plan for foot or ankle pain includes looking at short, medium and long term therapies to both reduce the load on a tissue and to increase the tolerance to load. This basic principle means that you will have the best chance of becoming pain free sooner and staying pain free as your activity levels return to normal, or even increase.

Orthotics can be given in varying degrees of customisation by the Podiatrists at TFC Podiatry. This can include varying degrees of control and are designed to control many different motions, including ankle, rear-foot, mid-foot and forefoot depending on your biomechanics and location of your pain. By reducing forces and range of motions, orthotics can play an important part of short, medium and long term pain relief for athletes of all levels.

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