What are shin splints? What causes shin Splints?

 Shin splints (Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome- MTSS)

Shin Splints is a commonly seen condition at TFC Podiatry. This condition is characterised usually by pain or aching down the inside of the shin bone. It occurs in the middle to lower third of the shin. The onset of pain can be during or even after running or walking.

Research has found that individual’s with a pronated (flat) foot type have a far greater risk of developing shin splints (Yates et al, 2004).

Causes of shin splints (MTSS)

1. Flat feet (excessive pronation)
2. Inappropriate footwear
3. Training errors: overuse or doing too much too soon.
4. Tight lower leg muscles


It is advisable to seek treatment for this condition as soon as possible so we can limit your time away from your favourite or chosen sporting acitivity. If medial tibial stress syndrome is not picked up early stress fractures can start to develop in the tibia.

Our Podiatrists will perform a thorough biomechanical assessment and treatment will consist of sporting footwear advice, dry needling, stretching & stregnthening regimes, advice on activity modification and/or possible orthotic therapy.

Custom orthoses may be deemed necessary if there is excessive pronation (rolling in) occurring during your gait cycle.

Again early detection is crucial in the presence of shin splints to reduce your risk of developing stress fractures through the tibia.

Ashley Wevling, Nathan Pring, Christopher Wevling

Reference: “A prospective study on the incidence and aetiological factors of medial tibial stress syndrome in naval recuits” Yates B, White S (2004) Am Journal of Sports Medicine

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