What causes overuse injuries in runners?

Running is one of the most common recreational activities undertaken. Whether the aim is to get fit or to compete in the next Melbourne marathon, injuries to the foot and ankle and presentations to our Podiatry clinic are frequent.

The repetitive motion of running on the foot and ankle end up creating high amounts of pressure through the foot from both the ground and from the footwear as well as high tensile forces through the lower legs. Running on softer surface or better shoes can be a good start however sometimes more is required to prevent and treat injuries to the lower limb.

Podiatry looks at the running pattern of individuals in a holistic manner and compares the injury or pain to the running pattern/ gait and looks at how this can be changed. This is referred to as a biomechanical assessment and usually consists of a visual gait analysis, strength tests flexibility tests and specific assessments that may relate to your injury. Commonly treatments for running injuries of the foot can be reasonably straightforward in its acute/ initial stages however as a pain is present for longer and longer the pain takes longer to clear up. Often renewing footwear or stretching a tight muscle can treat a new injury whereas often a period of relative rest and rehabilitation may be needed for a more chronic pain.

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