What causes pain on the outside of my foot?

Cuboid Syndrome – Pain on the Outside of the Foot

In Yarraville our Podiatry team have a lot of experience with painful conditions into the outside of the foot. Cuboid syndrome is usually a sudden onset of pain to the outside of the foot, it is caused by instability to the lateral column of the foot and ankle. It is often caused by walking on uneven surfaces where the peroneal muscles contract and pull the cuboid out of it’s groove.

Pain is associated with ongoing subluxation and inflammation under weight-bearing. Diagnosis is usually made in the Podiatry chair, where clinical questioning is coupled with manual muscle testing to check where the pain and instability is in the foot.

Once a diagnosis is made, inflammation should be settled through relative immobilisation. Gently putting the area can also be beneficial in the short term. Long term rehab of the area focuses on proprioception of the ankle to ensure the muscles contract with the right amount of force and at the right time.

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