What is Achilles tendonitis? what treatments are there for Achilles tendonitis.

Achilles tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis is pain in the back of the heel. It is often characterised by pain running from the heel bone into the calf muscle. Achilles tendinopathy causes pain in all populations, however there are some risk factors. People at risk of achilles tendon pain are those with high activity levels and those getting back into activity.

With achilles tendonitis, the back of the heel is often very painful to touch and agony when knocked! The disorganisation of the fibres within the tendon are the cause of swelling and pain which is in turn caused by the repetitve force and strain placed on the tissue from the calf muscle.

Treatment for achilles tendonitis can be focused on either decreasing the strain or force onto the Achilles and increasing the load the tendon is able to take. Decreasing load on the tendon can be achieved in many ways such as stretching out tight muscles, decreasing activity loads, changing footwear and the prescription of custom foot orthotics. Increasing the load the achilles is able to tolerate is achieved through strengthening, bracing or strapping. These two techniques should be used in conjunction for most patients however a full assessment with our Podiatry team will often show up the issue and how it can be most effectively decreased.

Achilles tendonitis is a persistent pain that can last for months, years or decades. Early detection, treatment and biomechanical correction is the key to ensure long term pain free solutions. The longer the pain has been there, often the longer treatment can take.

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