What is adult acquired flat foot?

Tib Post Tendon Dysfunction

In Yarraville, we have patients attend our Podiatry clinic for Tib Post problems regularly. Adult Acquired Flat Foot Disorder is a relatively common condition that is classically seen when the Tibiallis Posterior Tendon becomes elongated and weakened after a period of chronic Tendinopathy. This painful condition can present in the clinic for a variety of reasons associated with the sudden change of positions and mechanics to the lower limb.

Commonly the condition will present with pain in the middle of the ankle, pain into the arch, pain on the outside of the foot or even more proximally into the knee, hip or lower back. Tib Post tendon dysfunction often responds well to conservative measures including a focused stregnthening regime and an aggressively corrective pair of orthotics which reduces some of the flattening of the foot during walking. Adult acquired flat foot is almost always seen on one foot and usually there is no trauma reported by the patient.

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