What is Illio-Tibial Band Syndrome?

ITB Sydrome and Orthotic Therapy

ITB friction syndrome is a common reason for pain on the outside of the knee. There are many risk factors or reasons that ITB friction syndrome can occur. Pain on the outside of the knee can be many musculo-skeletal problems, being a source of pressure and overuse during; running, jumping and side to side movements.

When the fibrous tissue from the ITB becomes tightened or inflamed to the point where it begins to cause excessive friction or pain to the knee, a biomechanical assessment should be completed to assess for any abnormalities in the way the foot or ankle moves while in action. Factors that can be seen as linked to ITB syndrome include excessive pronation of the rear foot, excessive internal rotation of the lower leg or a high arched foot type with reduced shock absorption capabilities.

There are many treatment options to assist with reducing the friction from the IT band and associated painful symptoms, today we will focus on foot orthotics and how they can help reduce the friction and pain on the outside of the knee.

Orthotic therapy is used to correct any biomechanical problems in the foot ankle or lower leg. While pre fabricated orthotics can be used reasonably effectively to control the arch collapsing, effectively controlling the way the ankle moves during the gait cycle is a job for custom foot orthotics with prescriptive additions.

Custom foot orthotics can reduce the force on the IT band by controlling pronation, providing shock absorption or reducing rotational forces going through the lower legs. Before we use custom orthotics as a treatment options, Podiatrists at TFC Podiatry Point Cook will often apply a specific custom sports taping technique that can replicate the biomechanical changes to the foot and ankle seen in custom foot orthotics. If this trial therapy is beneficial it strongly indicates that a set of custom orthoses could be beneficial to help reduce friction and associated knee pain.

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