What is sports Podiatry?

Why are all Podiatrists involved in Sports?

Podiatry and sports go hand in hand, you may find that the only place that you meet Podiatrists are at your local sporting clubs or venues. Our obsession with watching, playing and talking about sports is common with Podiatrists.

At University, we learn to observe the way the lower limb functions during the gait cycle. Podiatrists are trained in biomechanics which involves learning the physics behind how the body moves in space. By constantly assessing peoples mechanics it helps us to understand our own. So we all end up playing sports and trying to apply our knowledge of physics and biomechanics into our own sporting life, constantly critiquing and altering the way our body moves.

Podiatrists, particularly those who treat patients with biomechanical problems end up obsessing with the intricacies of the foot and lower leg and how tiny alterations to this can be the difference between long term success and long term injury.

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