What is the Navicular?

And what happens when it’s injured?

A surprisingly common injury at our Yarraville and Point Cook Podiatry clinics are Navicular stress fractures and injuries.

After injury plagued Geelong AFL player’s recent navicular injury we’ve had lot’s of concerned locals asking all about this injury at our Geelong clinic and with quotes like “You’d make a strong argument that a navicular injury is more serious than an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament),” By Geelongs coach Chris Scott there is reason to query the injury that can be career ending for so many sports people.

The Navicular is a bone that sits at the top of the arch of the foot, it is often to most prominent bone on the inside of the foot and sits on top like wedge holding everything in place. There are some pretty major muscles that insert into the bone to, most of which have the job of holding the arch up.

Navicular injuries tend to be caused by a combination of compression from the bones on either side of it as well as pulling from the muscles that insert into it. This means that whenever there is compressive force or pulling force to the bone the area can become reinjured, and that’s how the injury becomes chronic.

Immobilisation is often necessary through things like CAM boots, crutches or even plaster casts and surgery is sometimes required for more troublesome cases. Cory Gregson is now having more surgery to his left foot and will most likely miss more games, quick diagnosis and comprehensive treatment is vital when dealing with any foot pain!

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