What should I know about buying school shoes?

How to choose the best schools shoes for your child.

Picking the right school shoes can be very difficult. Here are the three main things to look for when selecting the right shoe for your children.

With the end of school holidays approaching it’s that time again when we need to start looking for new school shoes. Most of the bones in the foot are not fully mature until the age of 16. In some cases the feet can grow up until 21 years old. Therefore appropriate fit and function is imperative to maintaining foot development. Our Podiatrists are often asked at this time of year what should I look for in a good school shoe? Well here are three simple tips on what we recommend:

1. Look for a shoe with a fastening mechanism. Ideally laces or a velcro strap to secure your child’s foot. This prevents slippage and also supports the foot.
2. The shoe should only bend where your foot would bend at push off. This means that the shoe should not be too flexible. This is more important in children over the age of 6 years old.
3. The heel counter (the back of the shoe) should be firm. To keep the heel counter firm it is important to undo laces before putting shoes on and taking them off.

At the Foot Clinic Point Cook, we can assess and help you choose the most appropriate footwear for your child. In some instances, orthotics may also be necessary to correct foot posture. If your child is experiencing any form of foot, ankle, knee or lower back pain feel free to contact us for an appointment.

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Good luck!

Ashley Wevling, Nathan Pring, Christopher Wevling

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