Why are the balls of my feet painful and tingling?

The truth about metatarsalgia.

This weekend 2 of our Podiatrists
Nathan Pring and Ashley Wevling attended the Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons Annual Seminar. This years key topic was the painful forefoot.

One of the most common presenting concerns seen by our Podiatrists is pain in the forefoot. Some symptoms related to forefoot pain are described as burning, tingling, sharp pain and some patients report feeling as though they are walking on a pebble.

Some common causes of forefoot pain are:

– Morton’s Neuroma
– Intermetatarsal Bursitis
– Metatarsalgia
– Stress fractures
– Plantar plate tears
– Forefoot arthritis
– Sesamoiditis

If you present with these symptoms our Podiatrists will perform a full biomechanical assessment with thorough range of motion testing and gait analysis. The aim of assessment is to determine what may be contributing to the development of these pathologies. It may be related to your foot posture, footwear or muscular imbalance.

Based on our Podiatrist’s assessment a diagnosis will be given. If imaging is required we will refer for either an xray, ultrasound or MRI. Further to establishing a diagnosis a treatment plan will be put in place.

So if you are experiencing any symptoms such as pain, burning or tingling in the ball of your foot please feel free to give us a call for a full assessment.

Ashley Wevling, Nathan Pring & Christopher Wevling

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