Why do I get blisters. Why are my feet sweaty?

Close up of businesswoman sitting on a chair and massaging her hurting toes after wearing every day heels.

Sweaty feet!

Blistering is one of the most common “injuries” that Podiatrists may see in a sports podiatry clinic. Although there is a general understanding that friction is an obvious cause of blistering in the feet often there is less of an understanding that sweaty or wet feet can also be a major cause of blistering.

Feet need to sweat to stay moist and to keep the feet cool. as annoying as it may seem it’s a completely normal function of the feet! Having said that, the moisture levels are something that can easily be treated with some simple advice from your PodiatristGive these basic tips a go and see how it changes your next run!

Tip 1: Change you socks frequently, clean, high quality socks that are designed to wick the sweat away from your skin may sound like a gimmick but; for a long run, moisture balance can be the key between lasting the distance or falling short because of sore feet.

Tip 2: If you have tried changing the frequency and fiber type of your socks ensure your shoes have adequate ventilation. All good quality brands come with plenty of mesh. This isn’t just for it’s cool looks but also ensures air can get to your feet to help evaporate that sweat.

Tip 3: 

Visit the pharmacist. If you have tried the basics, an investment of $10.00 from your local pharmacist may be worthwhile to block those sweat glands. The products are similar to that of underarm deodorant but are odourless and often alcohol based to keep your feet cool. These anti-perspirant products are the same as the ones at in the cupboards at home and must be applied the night before the run not 15 minutes before a run.

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