Why the Colder Months are the Best Time to Start Treating Foot Pain

Coming out of Summer, Now May Be the Time to Visit Your Point Cook Sports Podiatrist

Now that the weather is beginning to cool down, that foot pain that you have been living with for the past 6 months or more may finally have the best chance to settle down. Let’s face it, when you walk into a sports Podiatry clinic with a bag of your old shoes for a footwear assessment. The shoe that has the most wear in the Summer is going to be the pair of thongs at home.

As a Podiatrist, I can’t think of a single problem that I would recommend thongs for. Coming into April and beyond in Melbourne, the weather can give us a solid 5 months of cold days that encourages us to not wear our thongs for a while. Now changing footwear in itself can relieve minor aches and pains, but starting a full treatment plan including; footwear, stretches, rehabilitative strengthening work and orthotic therapy is enough to kick almost any source of pain in the legs.

So as it enters the season where you may be able to begin getting back into your winter boots, or even runners, visit your Point Cook sports Podiatrist to ensure that pain is gone before the thongs are pulled out again.

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